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The Healthy Edge



Join a group of other people in the Denver-Metro area who are READY to re-write their health story for good!

The Healthy Edge 8 week group course brings you a complete nutritional and lifestyle education program. You don’t need another quick fix diet, you need to embrace a LIFESTYLE that is realistic, delicious and fun and that will allow you to get results and keep them forever.

Along with education, this program addresses what diets fail to address, which is WHY we self-sabotage and eat when we are NOT hungry. This aspect of The Healthy Edge is what leads to empowerment, breakthrough and FREEDOM! Once you address the emotional side of your eating, results come fast and they LAST!


This 8 week course is for you if you:

  • Want to release weight but are tired of counting calories, carbs, fat grams and obsessing over the number on the scale
  • Want to release beliefs about food and your body that are not serving you and create new empowering beliefs that will support your body/mind transformation
  • Want to be educated on how to create a healthy LIFESTYLE (NOT a diet) that works for YOU, that is not overly restrictive, and that you can easily maintain for life
  • Are ready and willing to do the WORK necessary to get the results that you crave
  • Want the support and camaraderie of a community of other people going through the same journey
  • Need accountability to stay on track
  • If you live/work in the Denver Metro area and are able to attend classes in the downtown area

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You are not ready to take responsibility for your life and choices
  • You are unwilling to put in the work that it takes to make the change you desire
  • You want to cling to a diet mentality and calorie counting
  • You are looking for a quick fix

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the contradictory health information and fad diets and exercise programs out there?

I do! Trying to wade through them all to understand whether you are ACTUALLY doing the right thing in service of your health can be EXHAUSTING!

Throughout the 8-weeks of The Healthy Edge program you will learn the TRUTH about:

  • how to properly eat throughout the day
  • what belief systems in your life are holding you back
  • how to work with your body to maximize your metabolism
  • how to increase the effectiveness of working out
  • how your mindset contributes to your success or failure
  • how to really determine if a food in a box or bag is healthy or health-robbing
  • how to keep stress from affecting your health and body
  • how to manage work and a healthy lifestyle


I lost over 30 lbs on this program and now have the drive and focus to continue my journey every day. I can’t wait to fall asleep each night so I can wake up and make my choices for my journey the next day!

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