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What is CLEAN?

CLEAN is a powerful cleanse, created by Dr. Alejandro Junger, M.D, that will detox all the “junk” that leaves you feeling off balance and off track. By phasing out things like too much sugar, processed food, and booze and adding whole, clean foods that soothe your digestive system, your body will begin to heal, shed toxic fat, and GLOW . The best part of CLEAN is that, unlike other cleanses, there is no nasty cabbage soup or 30 days of only drinking lemon water and cayenne pepper craziness! CLEAN is based on eating real whole foods, backed by scientific study, and has personally changed MY life in a profound way.

Benefits of completing the CLEAN cleanse

Rid your body of toxins (and excess pounds) and feel healthy, empowered and energetic.

CLEAN - Elevated Mood
More energy and elevated mood

Uncover food sensitivities

Potential healing of medical ailments

Loss of food cravings

Weight loss

Better sleep

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