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Hello, I'm Lisa Suazo!

Your go-to woman

for all things health + body love.

I am a woman on a mission – a mission to empower and inspire women to profoundly shift how they view their bodies and health. Whether it’s releasing weight that no longer serves you, making peace with your body, or wanting to live YOUR version of health - without restrictive dieting and counting calories - I am the woman for you!

Our current diet/weight loss paradigm is fueling destructive dieting patterns, perpetuating self and body hatred, and contributing to the epidemic of worldwide obesity, heart disease and diabetes. It’s time to introduce a NEW way of being – one where we enjoy what we eat, adore our amazing bodies, and feel HOT in our skinny jeans!

To be totally honest with you, I didn’t always have this view on life and health. For the majority of my life, despite the external appearance of having it all together and even appearing healthy, on the inside I was constantly beating myself up for the foods I was eating, berating my lack of willpower, and judging myself on whether I had been “good” or “bad” that day based on what I ate.

Restricting myself, counting calories, using diet pills, exercising excessively and never feeling thin enough was part of my daily life for many years.

It was so painful.

But through this journey, I discovered something life changing.

"Working with Lisa has taught me that this is not a diet but a lifestyle change. So many diets, programs, and other things I've tried have missed this one concept. Lisa teaches a way of life - not a diet! The journey is about progress not perfection. I learned to have a more empowered mindset, and I learned that this is not only a physical change but an emotional change as well. I've discovered my new best friend...my own body!!!!"





When I stopped listening to all the noise – all the confusing and contradictory do’s and don’ts – and stopped obsessing over counting calories and watching the scale, and starting looking inside myself, things began to change.

I began to see food and exercise as a way to nourish and love my body rather than to punish it. I started to release the need to deprive myself (which of course would lead to a binge, followed by more self-loathing) and began to look at how I wanted to FEEL in my body and in my LIFE, and not just the number that I wanted to see on the scale. It was truly transformational.

That’s what I want for you. I want you to experience body freedom. I want you to feel amazing and confident in your body. I want you to feel empowered and energetic and radiant. I want you to be able to play with your kids and grandkids. I want you to eat the foods that you love without guilt (I looove wine and rich dark chocolate anything), because health doesn’t mean deprivation.

This is not only possible for you… It is the way you were meant to live!

Through my one-on-one coaching and group workshops, I support women just like you to uncover the false beliefs that they have about themselves, their bodies, food, exercise, genetics, and more , because here’s what I have found - shifting these beliefs and behaviors is where our long term success lies!

If you want to...

Let go of limiting belief systems and behaviors that keep you stuck and frustrated

Release weight and feel amazing in your body (and your skinny jeans!)

Educate yourself on how to live a balanced, nourishing and healthy lifestyle

Have tons more energy and more positive outlook

Stop DIETING and start LIVING


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