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One on One


Through my One on One Private Coaching Program, I support women just like you to completely shift their relationship with food and exercise! You will learn a new way to eat – not a DIET, but a LIFESTYLE – that will bring you energy, help you release weight, and educate you about how our bodies really work and what they need to function optimally. You will learn to think about exercise in a new way and begin to incorporate exercises that you actually enjoy! Not only that, but most importantly, in our journey together, I will be working with you to uncover the false beliefs that you may have about yourself, your abilities, your body, food, exercise, genetics, and more – because THAT is where the real key to lasting change lies.

What can you expect to get out of this program?

  • Understand the underlying thoughts and beliefs that are interfering with your ability to release weight and standing in the way of your long term health
  • Receive guidance to shift those thoughts and beliefs that are not serving you!
  • Explore and integrate healthier food options to into your daily life
  • Explore movement (aka “exercise”) that you actually ENJOY and creation of a routine for consistency
  • Create a healthy lifestyle that works for YOU!
  • Finally feel the energy and positivity that you have been craving!
  • Feel NOURISHED – in mind, body and soul

 Successful people hire coaches.

Athletes hire training coaches, entrepreneurs hire business coaches and people searching for clarity hire life coaches.

Even with the best of intentions to change our habits or behaviors, our health, our relationships, or some other area of our lives, LIFE HAPPENS! We get busy. We doubt ourselves. We make excuses. That is where having a coach becomes an INVALUABLE part of the process.

  • A coach lifts you up when you doubt yourself
  • A coach supports you in setting goals to keep you consistently moving forward
  • A coach (lovingly) kicks you in the pants when you are making excuses and falling into a victim mentality
  • A coach celebrates successes with you and encourages you to move forward
  • A coach sees things that you don’t see and can ask questions that will bring you clarity and breakthroughs


Lisa is a real–life coach; she makes it fun. I love her honest approach – she’s transparent and authentic about her own experience which puts you on level playing ground and helps you feel successful, even if it’s only baby steps. She’s inspiring and passionate about her work. Love Lisa!

Long lasting change is an inside job!

There is no product, no diet, no fad exercise program, and no special diet pill that is going to get you the results that you are looking for. Sorry, my lovely! Real transformation comes from within! External resources may provide a quick fix for a temporary release of weight but you are going to gain it back.  I see it all the time. Despite what the diet industry wants us to believe, it is just not that easy (dammit!).

Lasting change takes conscious effort. You must change the mindset and the belief systems that you have held on to, consciously or unconsciously, that have kept you repeating the same patterns that have kept you stuck and unsuccessful. Lucky for you, I will be here guiding you the whole way through so you feel supported and strong in these shifts.

Once you make those internal shifts, then the external shifts happen naturally. It becomes EASY! You FEEL differently, and you make different choices because you are becoming a different person. You are becoming a happier, healthier version of yourself. Freedom is your birthright, my friend. Together, we are going to make you feel AMAZING.

My 3 month Private Client Coaching program is for you if you:

  • Want to release weight but are tired of counting calories, carbs, fat grams and obsessing over the number on the scale
  • Want to break out of the mental prison of feeling “good” and “bad” about yourself every day based on your food choices
  • Want to be educated on how to create a healthy LIFESTYLE (NOT a diet) that works for YOU, that is not overly restrictive, allows you to eat your favorite foods and that you can easily maintain for life
  • If you are ready and willing to do the WORK necessary to get the results that you crave

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You are not ready to take responsibility for your choices and your results
  • You are unwilling to put in the work that it takes to make the change you desire
  • You want to cling to a diet mentality and calorie counting
  • You are looking for a quick fix

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